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Contract Negotaition

The average contract defines the parties rights, responsibilities and roles – and it is often worthless.

1. A Philosophy of Contracting

Nobody reads the contract while the parties are happy – it sits in a dark drawer until something goes terribly wrong.  Then it is dusted off, and the parties go to see what it says.

Unlike a contract that addresses breach as an afterthought, a better contract is focused on breach, fully defining cure periods, rights, ownership, and remedies.  Litigation is often avoided by a well written contract.  Litigators are often the best drafters, as they have tested the theories of pure contract attorneys, and often know better what will hold up in court.   Clarity on these issues will often avoid litigation of ambiguities and thus save all parties thousands of dollars. 


2. Experience Counts

We have uncommon experience for a boutique firm.  We have negotiated and drafted a wide range of agreements from employment to severance, from joint venture agreements to mergers, from distribution contracts to asset acquisitions.   Our broad trove of past agreements also provides templates which slash drafting time and the resulting legal fees.

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