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Real Estate

Our real estate team has been trusted by some of top luxury developers in New York City and individual home buyers alike.

1. Mortgage Banking

We provide a vast array of knowledge and expertise in mortgage baking, loan origination, and unique real estate financing with a focus on State and Federal Mortgage Compliance.

2. Home Buyers and Sellers

Whether you are in New York or New Jersey, selling a Hillsborough condo, buying a Midtown co-op, or going through an attorney review for a New Jersey home, we can assist in providing information and counsel to help  you make some moves.

3. Real Estate Fraud

Sometimes the truth is not just unknown, it is concealed.  If you purchased real property and you believe that the condition or other material and detrimental facts about your property were known to the seller but purposely hidden from you, then you may be the victim of fraud.  We take pride in helping fraud victims obtain just compensation.  If the truth about your property is not the “truth” you were sold, we may be able to help make things right.

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