Roger K. Marion, Esq.

Clients deserve a lawyer who fights to win, not just to bill.

I am a complex commercial litigator who has successfully represented my clients’ interests in the federal and state courts of New York and New Jersey for more than twenty years.

I am also retained corporate counsel to several corporations, giving them contract negotiation and litigation expertise, as well as a responsiveness and fairness with regard to billing that they are not always accustomed to.

If you have legal needs or questions, please feel free to contact me at   Clients are surprised to find that their first brief call to any of our attorneys in a day is not billed.  Why?  A client should feel free to call their lawyer without worrying about being on the clock.  Better client care is key to our philosophy.

I have specialization in complex commercial litigation, contracts, contract negotiations, appeals, mediation and arbitration. I have been to trial and won against the largest of opponents, including the United States Attorney’s Office and many others. I also specialize in fairness to my clients, and at Marion & Allen, initial consultations are always free.

Brad C. Allen, Esq.

Problem solving, before and after issues arise, is what separates adequate representation from a lawyer clients brag about.

Brad C. Allen, Esq, is an attorney who focuses his practice in the areas of real estate, mortgage banking matters, corporate compliance, personal injury litigation, Telecommunications Practices Act compliance, construction fraud litigation, personal bankruptcy and employment matters.