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“No one hires an attorney to fight, they hire one to win.”

Commercial Litigation

A proven track record.

1. Our Battlefield

Some people love what they do – that’s us.  We look forward to the honorable win.  We use our decades of experience to achieve uncommon results for all of our clients, plaintiffs and defendants alike.  While no one can ever guaranty outcomes, our litigators are at home in the courtroom, and this usually translates to achieving our clients goals.

2. Service With a Difference

We return phone calls and answer emails.  We give cell numbers.  Clients are always welcome to attend court with us.  Clients can give us a short call to ask a question without a meter running.  Clients are treated as friends.  Uncommon service is the rule at Marion & Allen.

3. A Proven Track Record

Look at online the reviews of our attorneys, and the comments on their work.  You will find nearly universal acclaim for our attorneys.  Clients stay with us for years for a reason, and we’d like you to join the family of Marion & Allen clients too.

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In all governments, there must of necessity be both the law and the sword. Choose your sword wisely.